Rider Information

Rider Equipment

You will of course require a bike! 20 inch diameter wheels recommended, 24 inch if you are riding in the Cruiser class. Please remove all reflectors, bike stands, pegs, bells or other extra stuff before you arrive. Gears are allowed, but not needed.

Rider gear must be worn when riding the track which includes:

  • Full faced helmet
  • Gloves (full fingered)
  • Long sleeved shirt
  • Long pants (tear resistant, durable fabric, no denim)
  • Fully closed shoes (no sandals)

Rider Class Advancement

Male advancement

  • Novice to Intermediate – 10 wins as a Novice
  • Intermediate to Expert – 20 wins as an Intermediate

Female Advancement

  • Novice to Expert – 25 wins as a Novice

Close to skill advancement? Need to know how many wins? Contact the Lead Sport Coordinator listed on the ABA Contact Us page.

It is the responsibility of each ride/parent to keep track of the wins for advancement. If found to be racing out of class, riders could be penalized/suspended. Need more info? View the complete Alberta Bicycle BMX Policy manual.

Sizing Charts

Download the gear chart and rider sizing info here


book-close-upOnline copies of the BMX racing rule books can be found on the website of Alberta BMX Association (not to be confused with Alberta Bicycle Association).
Here you will find 3 sets of rule books used for different levels of events:

  1. Official UCI Rulebook – The Union Cyclist International rule book is used for the events of the Olympics, Worlds and Championship races.
  2. Cycling Canada Companion Guide – The Cycling Canadian Association guide is used for events of the Western National Series.
  3. Alberta Bicycle Aassociation Policy Book – The Alberta Bicycle Association Policy Book is used for events of the Provincial series and District Races.

All racing is followed by the UCI rulebook with modifications specific to what series you are racing such as Provincials, Western Nationals or District.

Please take the time to know these rule books before you attend these events if you have questions on how the event is being run and why events are run differently.