Pre-Pak Meats Fundraiser

NOTE: Pre-Pak Meat orders must be in by Sunday June 3rd at 6:00PM. No late orders will be accepted.
Pick up of orders will be Tuesday June 12th from 6-7PM in the parking lot beside the track.
Items not picked up will be considered as a donation to the Okotoks BMX Club.

Pre-Pak Meats: 

Bacon:  pre-sliced, fresh cured and smoked bacon – 5kg (11 lb) boxes $65.00 CAD each
AAA Top Sirloin Steak: 6 oz steaks, 2 in a bag, 24 / case (frozen) $110.00 CAD each
Pork Breakfast Sausages: 1.25 oz / sausage link – approx. 128 /  5 kg case (frozen) $37.00 CAD each
Chicken Fingers:  actual breast meat.  55 – 60 pieces / 4kg case (frozen) $52.00 CAD each
6 oz Banff Burgers:  seasoned beef burgers – 27 / case (frozen) $52.00 CAD each
6 oz Gluten Free Burgers:  beef – 27 / case $55.00 CAD each

Visit for more details.

Special Instructions:

  • Please add all items to cart before placing your order.
  • PayPal adds shipping information, but all orders are Pickup Only (unless specified).