2019 Club Series Points

Okotoks BMX will once again be using a system similar to the Alberta Cup Series to rank our riders. Our riders must complete at least 5 race nights to qualify for end of year awards.

A link to the most recent file is here: 2019 Club Series Report
Points will be distributed using the following table:

Points Table

Novice Male &
Int Male &
Novice Female
Expert Junior, Elite &
1st 100 200 300 700
2nd 80 180 280 680
3rd 70 170 270 660
4th 60 160 260 650
5th 50 150 250 640
6th 40 140 240 630
7th 30 130 230 620
8th 20 120 220 610
9th or lower 10 110 210 550

In the case of combined classes (due to small numbers) the points structure will work as follows. This is the same for both combined ability and combined age: The riders will receive points from the table corresponding to the class they are registered in. The combined rider(s) will take those points to their class as they WOULD HAVE PLACED for THEIR ability. The awards of the day are still awarded as placed for that race. The second half of the points from the Double Point races will be added at the end of the year totals.

Example # 1 – There is only one 8 Novice Male so he moves to the 8 Intermediate Male class for that race. He takes second place. He receives a second place award for that race and FIRST place NOVICE points towards his class SERIES ranking (which would be 8 Novice Male in this example)

Example # 2 – There is only one 7 Expert Female so she moves to the 8 Expert Female class for that race. She takes third place. She receives a third place award for that race and FIRST place Expert points towards her class SERIES ranking (which would be 7 Expert Female in this example)