Our Track is Open to Okotoks Residents and Club Members!

We are happy to announce that the Town of Okotoks is opening up parks again starting tomorrow, May 28th. This will include our BMX track!!

Individuals from Okotoks and any Okotoks BMX member is able to get on the track and ride as long as our gates are open.

At this time individuals from outside Okotoks who are not Okotoks BMX members are requested to not travel to the area to access the track. We ask that this guideline of not travelling to different communities be respected at this time.

This sign will be posted there, please follow the rules as you ride and have fun. If too many folks are seen at one time or seen not following the rules, there is a risk we will be asked to lock the gates again.

Our Club is not running any events or coaching yet, it is just the track that is open and accessible.

The gates will still be locked when there is rain to keep people off until it dries off again and when we have some track maintenance planned.

Our next scheduled work is this weekend so the track will be closed then.

We are very happy about this announcement! So dust off your bikes, put on your helmet, ride, be safe, follow the rules and have fun!