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Gear up for the Gillespie's

March 19, 2022

The best thing about BMX is always the people. In our sport, everyone rallies behind everyone else, from when they fall and get back up, to when they race across the finish line. We show up and we cheer loud, every single time. One of our BMX families is in desperate need of some love and support. Melanie Gillespie is fighting a very aggressive cancer and we want to show her, Derek, and their family that we are behind them 100%. There are good days and some rough ones as they navigate this road and they are willing to go to the end of the earth to get Melanie on the path to good health.

So, BMX community across Alberta, we are asking you to join us in doing something epic. Anyone from any club with a valid 2022 Alberta Bicycle license is welcome. Together, let’s gear up for the Gillespie family and kickstart the 2022 racing season with a district race at the Alberta Indoor Cycling Centre in Olds. 100% of the entry fee will go directly to the Gillespies.

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