District Racing & Friday Sept 22 FUN RACE Registration


Online registration is open until 5:45pm on Race Day
Onsite registration is open until 6:00pm on Race Day
Rider’s List Posted – 6:15pm  **PLEASE advise Track Operator if any changes need to be made for a rider before 6:30pm**
Moto Building begins – 6:30pm
Moto’s Posted – 6:45pm
Strider Racing – 6-45pm
Gate Drops – 7:00pm

Be sure to check the riders info on Sqorz by 6:30pm on District Race nights to make sure we have received your registration form. If you are not on the list or there is an error, please let us know immediately. Moto building starts at 6:30pm and no changes, deletions or additions are accepted once moto building has started.  Motos will then be posted on Sqorz at approx 6:45pm.

Okotoks BMX Race Registration Form Click Here

**Please check your junk mail folder if you don’t see your confirmation email for pre-registering, email will come from: Okotoks Race <>**

If you need to update or cancel your registration, please email us at prior to 5:00pm on race day. This allows us to adjust our rider list accordingly. Thank you!

Sqorz Information

Sqorz is where you will find Riders List, Moto’s and Race Results right on your phone/tablet.  We will still post paper copies of Rider’s List and Motos on the Corner 3 Moto Board while everyone gets used to Sqorz.  Click link below to be taken to our Okotoks BMX Club Sqorz site.

SQORZ Link Click Here